Orthodontic Treatment in Harvard, IL

General Dentistry Offering Orthodontic Treatments

dental-icons-10Located in Woodstock, IL, people travel from Harvard and Marengo, IL, for our services. A smile is something that requires special attention. Straighter teeth help give you that great smile. At Family Dentistry of Woodstock we realize that orthodontic services, along with routine general dental care, have a significant impact on oral health.


Dentistry and Orthodontics?

Harvard, IL orthodontic treatments are sometimes a necessary part of dentistry. Our treatments remove crooked or ill-fitting teeth that cause discomfort or pain. These procedures aren’t limited to young people. At nearly any age, orthodontic treatments can help fix crowded teeth and other dental complications. Here’s why we feel it is never too late to take the necessary steps to create a beautiful smile.

    • Prevent tooth decay
    • Close gaps between teeth
    • Straighten crooked teeth
    • Improve long-term health of teeth and gums
    • Treat jaw placement and improper bite
    • Avoid speaking and chewing problems


If you live in Woodstock, Harvard, or Marengo, IL, and need orthodontic treatment, we help determine the services that best fit your needs and lifestyle. Whether you prefer Invisalign®, traditional braces, or are looking for something different, we can help. During our consultation, we will discuss your treatment plan including its timing, options, and fees.


Treatment typically begins after adult teeth are fully developed. We will decide a treatment fee after an initial examination. This examination also determines the estimated length of time. For full braces, the average treatment plan ranges from 18-24 months. For more complicated treatments, time ranges from 24-36 months.


When you wear corrective devices, like braces, food is more likely to get stuck. Good oral hygiene is essential while treatment progresses. Patients need to brush more carefully and more often to prevent decay.

We also understand that life is busy. Our office hours help accommodate daily work and family life. We offer appointments Monday through Friday, with extended hours on alternating Saturdays. Family Dentistry of Woodstock wants to be accessible to our patients during any dental emergency. Our office works hard to ensure timely and efficient service.

At Family Dentistry of Woodstock, we work hard to make your oral care something to smile about. Call our office today at 815-338-0690 to get started on your smile and the dental health you deserve.